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Investing in the growth of the marijuana industry


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Cannabis Connoisseur

Ngaio Bealum is an American comedian, musician, writer, actor, activist, juggler and publisher. He co-hosted Cannabis Planet and published West Coast Cannabis Magazine.[1] He writes a column in Sacramento News & Review, answering questions from readers about marijuana and its politics.

Ngaio Bealum
February 15, 1968
San Francisco, United States
Comedian, actor, publisher, musician, writer
Ngaio was born in San Francisco to hippie parents, leading to jokes about how he got his name. He is well known for his many film and television appearances as well as for being a regular host of High Times events,[2] and more recently for being a frequent guest on Getting Doug With High hosted by fellow comedian Doug Benson. He recorded a CD called Weed and Sex.[3] Former member of the Award Winning Hip Hop band Most Chill Slackmob, and 1994 People's Choice Award winner of the International Jugglers Association Fest.

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